Manzella Trade Communications writes and publishes books on a variety of topics, including globalization, international business, finance, country and industry analysis, and communications.

Books custom published and marketed on behalf of clients are designed to educate and influence target audiences, positioning clients as leaders in their field.

Country Analysis

Opportunity in Mexico: A Small Business Guide
ISBN 0-926566-02-4
(70,000 copies produced on behalf of the U.S. Small Business Administration and sponsored by AT&T)
A Mexican Economic and Political Perspective
The North American Free Trade Agreement
Market Prospects
Export Development: A Practical Approach
Manufacturing in Mexico
U.S. Resources
Mexican Resources
(out of print)

Trade Policy

Mexico & NAFTA: The Real Impact
ISBN 0-926566-03-2
Global Trends of the 90's and Beyond
The North American Free Trade Agreement
Jobs and the Environment
Country Impact
Sector Impact
(out of print)

The Business Guide to Free Trade
ISBN 0-926566-00-8
Trade in Goods
Government Procurement
Services, Temporary Entry and Investment
Financial Services
Institutional Provisions
Other Provisions
Author’s Note
(out of print)

Trade and Finance

Trade and Finance For Lenders
The New Business and Lending Environment in the 21st Century
Trade Finance
Risk Assessment
The Roles of Various Organizations
Strategic Options for Global Expansion
Barriers to Trade
The Impact of Trade Agreements
The SBA’s EWCP Lender’s Guide
Export-Import Bank of the United States Export Working Capital Guarantee Program
Appendix A: The SBA’s EWCP Lender’s Guide
Appendix B: Export-Import Bank of the United States Export Working Capital Guarantee Program
Appendix C: Documents Exporters Need To Know
Appendix D: Glossary
(out of print)

Global Industry Analysis

Export: Map Your International Textile Trade Strategy
Introduction: Expanding Internationally Is One Key to Future Success
The Winds of Change: Global Trends of the 21st Century
The Regulatory Environment: An Overview of Major Trade Agreements Affecting U.S. Exports
Getting Started: International Strategies and Logistics You Should Know
Doing Business in the Americas
Doing Business in Europe
Doing Business in Asia
Select Industry and Government Sources
Select Bibliography
(out of print)
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