Globalization has emerged from the post-Cold War era as the dominant economic system. But its impact goes far beyond the balance sheet . Globalization is transforming our culture and political relationships, and in the process, impacting virtually every aspect of our lives.

As society struggles to make sense of our rapidly changing environment, a need is increasing for analysis of this widely misunderstood phenomenon


Timely Articles
Our articles on international business, globalization, and new economic realities help the general public, policymakers and the business community make sense of today’s rapidly changing global environment. Many articles are syndicated nationally and appear in newspapers, magazines and newsletters.

Our articles:

Make sense of seemingly unconnected events and trends, and their impact on companies, workers and communities.
Examine the benefits and challenges of trade and globalization.
Analyze the impact of international trade agreements and emerging nations like China and India.
Evaluate the viewpoints, concerns and pressures exerted by anti- and pro-trade/globalization forces, and look at how these groups influence policy.

Article Subjects include:

Globalization and the information economy
Examine the globalization process, the knowledge-based economy, the revolution in finance, today’s nature of sustainable competitive advantage, shifts in demographics, the demand for mass customization, and the changes resulting from the introduction of new technologies.

New demands of the 21st century on workers, companies and countries
Examine the sophisticated skills demanded today of workers and their ability to adapt, the loss of manufacturing jobs, the correlation between education and employment, new challenges facing businesses, and the ability of companies to adapt.

Entering the 19th century again with anxiety, fear and the perceived lack of control
Examine the similarities of the impact of 19th and 20th century technological developments, the shift from an agrarian society to an industrial economy, human nature’s tendency to fear and avoid change, and why the English Luddites destroyed sewing machines.

Barriers to trade: the real costs of protectionism and unintended consequences
Examine the impact of tariffs and non-tariff barriers, their costs to society, and U.S. Congressional trends toward protectionism.

Exports, imports and investment
Examine methods of international expansion; exports and how they create jobs and wealth; the importance of imports and how they stretch consumer income, keep inflation down, and benefit producers; how investment generates wealth and to where it flows; and the impact of outsourcing abroad, how it generates domestic jobs and improves corporate competitiveness.

Agreements and emerging trade blocs
Examine the effectiveness of the World Trade Organization, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the expanding European Union, Asian trends toward greater integration, opportunities and challenges presented by China, and the growing conflict between developed and developing countries.

Achieving balance
Examine the backlash against globalization, nationalism and the drive to preserve cultural traditions, factors behind the September 11th terrorist attacks, and efforts designed to influence the political process.
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