Articles on global business, the economy, manufacturing, labor, finance, investment, energy, and other topics are typically placed in client newsletters, on client websites, and emailed to client customers to help them become more competitive both domestically and internationally. View an updated list of John Manzella's articles.

Subjects include:

• Business and Economic Issues
Topics include: business trends, economic analysis, opportunities and unforeseen risks, manufacturing and labor issues, etc.
Example: The daunting challenges ahead.

• Trade and Investment
Topics include: country/regional business and economic analysis, hidden dangers, foreign direct investment trends, etc.
Example: Trade and investment in China.

• Trade Finance
Topics include: all pre- and post-export financing vehicles.
Example: How export financing can become a competitive tool.

• Foreign Exchange
Topics include: minimizing currency risks, the revaluation of the Chinese yuan, the impact of a strong or weak dollar, etc.
Example: The impact of the single European currency, the euro.

• Supply Chain Management
Topics include: inventory management, supply chain finance, sourcing and logistics, distribution center, warehouse and plant location, domestic traffic management, etc.
Example: The impact of new security measures on your supply chain.

• Trade Policy
Topics include: CAFTA, NAFTA, the emerging Asian trade bloc, European Union expansion, the real impact of trade barriers, etc.
Example: The impact of China's accession to the WTO.

• Treasury Management
Topics include: outsourcing treasury management functions, preventing in-house treasury management fraud, solutions to foreign exchange settlement risk, internet security, new treasury technology, optimizing working capital management, etc.
Example: Managing cash in a low interest environment.

• Safety and Security
Topics include: current Homeland Security initiatives, the Maritime Transportation Security Act, the Container Security Initiative, the 24-hour manifest information rule, the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program, marine industry safety, loss prevention, etc.
Example: Five essential steps to preventing supply chain disruptions.

• Current Events
Topics include: shifting manufacturing activity to China, outsourcing services to India, the impact of terrorism on trade, etc.
Example: The effect of productivity on the manufacturing sector.

• Strategy and Business Abroad
Topics include: global trends, impact of globalization, future of manufacturing in America, benefits of trade, impact of service exports, effect of shifting world demographics, do’s and don’ts of traveling abroad, factors to consider before expanding globally, hidden costs of doing business abroad, etc.
Example: When expanding globally, consider shifting demographics.

• Client Solutions
Topics include: the identification of a risk or obstacle, the remedy and the client solution.
Example: Financing solutions for every level of the supply chain.

• Information Technology
Topics include: the internet and other information technology that help businesses expand internationally.
Example: How to conduct international research using the web.

• State Export Analysis
Topics include: the international performance of any U.S. state with comparative analysis.
Example: The export performance of New York State.

• Industry Analysis
Topics include: the global performance and analysis of virtually any industry.
Example: Global analysis of the computer industry.

• Testimonials
Topics include: the trials and tribulations of how a company expanded internationally.
Example: How a local company got involved in global business and succeeded.

• Client Suggested Topics (subjects virtually unlimited with client input)
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